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PDPA TISCO Foundation

1. Provide educational scholarships for needy students.
2. Provide medical expense for needy patients.
3. Provide start-up funds for underprivileged people.
4. Join hands with other foundations in charitable events.


Each year, the foundation committee will review and approve each applications by themselves to consider allocating funds to the needy applicants directly as our objectives.

Scholarships : In recognition of the importance of education to the development of our country, the foundation has continuously provided scholarships to needy students as all levels of education in all parts of the country. In additional the foundation also donated books, stationaries, clothes, toys and sport equipments.

Medical Fund : The foundation provides medical fund for needy patients and donate many artificial body organs, medical instruments to disabled people such as artificial limbs, hearing aid, wheelchair, etc.

Start-up funds : The foundation provides start-up fund for underprivileged people who wish to earn their living. In various forms the foundation provided according to their needs and capabilities, for example, pushcarts and equipment to sell food, sewing machine, etc. so that they can start doing business of their own.